NK Moller

Homepage and E-mail for you and your Business

I assists you in building your presence on the internet by registering your domain name, creating your homepage, building your site and establishing your business email. Our customers are organisations, small companies and individuals.

Domain name

A domain name should reflect your business or your name. A company should use it's registered name, marketing name or type of business if possible. I help you find a good domain name and register it for immediate or later use.

Email administration

Owning a domain name gives you the possibility to have one or more email addresses connected to it. I set up the email addresses you want and make them available for you and your staff to send and receive emails. The new addresses can be coordinated with your current addresses in the same email system.

Domain parking

If you own a domain name but do not want to use it for a period of time you can park it with us and thus keep it reserved for your future use. If you want to reserve a new name for future use I will do that for you as well. Your domain name will have a discrete temporary home page with no advertising.


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